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Bobcat E19 Compact Excavator

10.2 kW


1885 kg

Operating Weight

2.4 m

Dig Depth

Bobcat E19 Compact Excavator

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Bobcat E19 Compact Excavator Specs & Add-Ons

Key Specifications

Demolition package (boom, arm, bucket cylinder covers & HD travel hoses guard) yes
Object handling package (Valves, OWD, Lifteye) yes
TOPS/ROPS cab w/ heater yes
Long dipperstick w/ clamp eyes yes
Long dozer blade yes
AUX1 direct return to tank yes
AUX2 hydraulics yes
AUX1/AUX2 on arm yes
Keyless ignition yes
Travel motion alarm yes
AM/FM MP3 radio yes
Additional halogen lights yes
LED lights set yes
Beacon yes
Special application kit yes
L/R mirrors yes
Fire extinguisher yes
Hydraulic clamp yes
Klac C and MS01 couplers yes
Comfort package (Superior seat for canopy or Cloth susp. seat for cab, Autospeed shift, Aux and Off-set pilot control) yes
Performance package (HD travel motors, add. counterweight) yes
Grease Gun w/ holder yes
Horsepower 10.2 kW
Operating Weight 1885 kg
Bucket Digging Force 10371 N
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 4257.00 mm


Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted, long dipperstick 1561.00 mm
Maximum blade height 220.00 mm
Maximum blade depth 204.00 mm
Maximum height of working equipment with dipperstick retracted 2564.00 mm
Maximum bucket tooth height 3573.00 mm
Maximum bucket tooth height, long dipperstick 3701.00 mm
Maximum dump height 2566.00 mm
Maximum dump height, long dipperstick 2693.00 mm
Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated 1948.00 mm
Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated, long dipperstick 2115.00 mm
Maximum digging depth 2385.00 mm
Maximum digging depth, long dipperstick 2565.00 mm
Make / model Yanmar / 3TNV74-PBC (Stage V)
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement 993.00 cm3
Maximum power @ 2400 rpm (ISO 14396) 11.00 kW
Maximum torque @ 1800 rpm (SAE J1995) 50.20 Nm


Blade height 235.00 mm
Clearance, upper structure to ground line 419.00 mm
Ground line to top of engine cover 1340.00 mm
Length of track on ground 1114.00 mm
Machine centre line to blade 1045.00 mm
Minimum radius in travel position 2832.00 mm
Overall length of track assembly 1476.00 mm
Overall length in travel position 3831.00 mm
Overall length in travel position, long dipperstick 3812.00 mm
Track lug height 25.00 mm
Blade width 980.00 mm
Blade width (extensions extended) 1360.00 mm
Height 2299.00 mm
Track width 230.00 mm
Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, left-hand rotation 433.00 mm
Machine centre line to working equipment centre line, right-hand rotation 589.00 mm
Minimum turning radius 1154.00 mm
Swing clearance, rear 1009.00 mm
Working width at maximum right-hand rotation 1801.00 mm
Working width at maximum left-hand rotation 1645.00 mm
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