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9’2″ Poly DXT Plow

Extreme conditions demand cutting edge innovation. The durable, fully featured BOSS DXT is the ultimate tool to fight all things snow and ice. The DXT combines both trip-edge and full moldboard trip technologies for high and low trip protection when striking obstacles like frozen snowbanks, manhole covers and curbs. Flared wings with enhanced curl throw snow with maximum efficiency and the DXT’s multi-position plow blade can quickly and easily switch positions to move large amounts of snow.


Blade Width


Blade Height

935 lb


Key Specifications

Patented Dual-Trip Design Combines trip-edge and full moldboard trip technologies enhancing plow protection when striking hidden obstacles no matter your plow's position.
SmartLight 3 Uses DOT- compliant 100% LED lights and Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build-up.
1/2" x 6" Long-Lasting, Durable Base Angle Provides extended wear resistance and comes with built-in curb guards and patented snow catcher.
NEW! D-Force Keep your blade in contact with the pavement with optional D-Force.


Reinforcement Ribs 8 vertical, 2 diagonal
Plow Shoes Optional
Trip Springs (Moldboard) 4 Extension Springs
Trip Springs 3 Torsion Springs (per blade half)
Lift Cylinder 2" x 1 ⅛ " x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm)
Attachment System SmartHitch 2
Lighting SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology
Angle Cylinders 1 ½" x 10" (4 cm x 25 cm)


Blade Width | Curb Guard Width* 110" (279 cm)
Blade Width (V-Position) | Curb Guard Width* 99" (251 cm)
Blade Width Scoop | Curb Guard Width* 92" (234 cm)
Plowing Width @ 30° Angle 95" (241 cm)
Blade Height 30" (76 cm) at center, 38 ½" (98 cm) at end
Blade Thickness ⅜" (1cm) Poly
Base Angle ½" x 6" (1 cm x 15 cm)
Weight 935 lb (424 kg) Steel

9’2″ Poly DXT Plow

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