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8’0″ Super-Duty Poly Plow

BOSS Standard- and Super-Duty straight-blade plows RESTORE ORDER with unsurpassed reliability and strength. Baked-on, powder coat paint finishes with zinc primer resists corrosion. Heavy-duty push frames and push frame attachment bars, optimize blade curl and are standard on every BOSS straight-blade. And for added strength to take-on nature’s worst, BOSS Super-Duty straight-blades boast reinforced moldboard for increased blade rigidity and increased durability.


Blade Width


Blade Height

722 lb


Key Specifications

Full Moldboard Trip Design Helps to prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.
SmartLight 3 LED Headlight System Uses DOT-compliant 100% LED lights and Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build-up.
Cast-Iron Plow Shoes Extends the life of the cutting edge.
Blade Shock Absorber Stabilizes and cushions the trip action.


Attachment System SmartHitch 2
Lighting SL3 L.E.D. with Ice Shield Technology
Plow Shoes Cast Iron
Reinforcement Ribs 7 vertical, 2 diagonal
Shock Absorber 1
Trip Springs 4


Angle Cylinders 1 ½" x 10" (4 cm x 25 cm)
Blade Height 29" (74 cm)
Blade Thickness ⅜" (1cm) Poly
Blade Width | Curb Guard Width* 96" (244 cm)
Cutting Edge ½" x 6" (1.3 cm x 15 cm)
Lift Cylinder 2" x 1 ⅛ " x 10" (5 cm x 3 cm x 25 cm)
Weight 722 lb (328 kg)