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The SG-75 comes equipped with numerous features that make it the preferred choice by many stump grinding professionals. These features include a powerful Kohler 74 horsepower engine, massive chip containment, impressive cutterwheel swing and depth and the ability to travel over a variety of terrain settings.

80 in

Cutting Swing

23 in

Cutting Depth

78.70 cm

Cutting Height

Key Specifications

Feature 1 27" diameter x 1" thick Bandit wheel with 32 Greenteeth
Feature 2 27" diameter x 1 1/4" thick New Revolution wheel with 44 hex teeth
Feature 3 Wireless radio remote control with tether back-up
Feature 4 Largest chip containment in its class!
Feature 5 Expandable / retractable undercarrage (will retract into 35")


Cutting Swing 80 in
Cutting Depth 23 in
Cutting Height 31 in
Fuel Tank 16.25 gl
Hydrolic Tank 12 gl
Horsepower 74 hp


Width 75 in
Height 81 in
Length 134 in
Weight 4600 lbs