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Grapple – GP, 55″

Additional holding ability to bite down on even the loosest materials. Get close the bucket or fork close to fences, stall walls or other objects for maximum material moving. Choose from a fork and grapple, or bucket and grapple to handle a wide variety of farm and ranch jobs. Forged teeth provide exceptional strength with low weight.

Compatible With:


Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 180 lb
Length 32.7 in
Width 58 in
Height 29.4 in
Number of Fork Teeth (Factory) 4
Number of Fork Teeth (Possible) 8
Grapple Width 55 in
Number of Grapple Tines 4
Open Height 41.9 in
Open Length 38.6 in
Closed Height 29.4 in
Closed Length 32.7 in

Key Features

Curved Teeth The curved teeth help pull materials into the grapple, scooping up even the loosest material. Also, teeth are replaceable for added uptime protection.
Forged Teeth The forged teeth provide exceptional strength with low weight, allowing for more carrying capacity.
Provisions for Additional Teeth With more teeth, it’s easier to handle smaller materials.

Grapple – GP, 55″

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