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SW774 Asphalt Roller

High frequency vibratory asphalt rollers are literally the fastest rollers available, featuring a high frequency of over 4,000 vpm. Designed to beat the tender zone on superpave and other perpetual pavement mix.

41.7 – 66.7


110 Hp


22,090 lbs


SW774 Asphalt Roller

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SW774 Asphalt Roller Specs & Add-Ons

Key Specifications

Feature #1 Frequency and amplitude modes can be switched from the seat
Feature #2 Cross-mounted drive and vibration motors help maintain even weight distribution Counter rotation of eccentric weights in the drums cancel horizontal force
Feature #3 Timer, auto or constant operated water spray system
Feature #4 Osc achieves density on no-vibe jobs where structural integrity is of concern.
Feature #5 Multi-position operator station (MPOS) (5 positions)
Feature #6 Excellent drum edge visibility from the operator seat
Feature #7 Sakai proprietary emergency brake pedal which kills the engine and stops the machine instantly.
Feature #8 3 inch retractable seat belt
Feature #9 39 inches of visibility to the front and rear from the operators seat
Feature #10 SAHR (spring applied – hydraulic released) brake
Feature #11 Sprinkler system with plastic water tanks, triple-filtration, removable brass nozzles for ease of maintenance with excellent draining winterization
Feature #12 Easy ground level access to all check and maintenance points
Feature #13 Gear drive Osc/Vibe system (no belts)


Vibration Frequency 2,500 – 4,000 vpm | 41.7 – 66.7 Hz
Centrifugal Force 9,665 – 23,155 lbs | 43 – 103 kN
Nominal Amplitude 0.012″/.020″ | .30 mm/.50 mm
Make & Model Kubota V3800 (Tier 4 Final)
Horsepower 110 Hp @2,400 rpm | 81.8 kW @2,200 rpm


Drum Size (w x d) 66″ x 49″ | 1,680 x 1,250 mm
Weight 22,090 lbs | 10,020 kg
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