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Pallet Fork – Floating Pin Carriage, 48″

Unload landscape rock, freight, lumber, shingles, siding, fencing, block, landscape rock. Transport building supplies. Lift and move bales.

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 565 lb
Width 49.9 in
Height 51.7 in
Fork Width 5 in
Number of Teeth Shipped 2
Max Number of Teeth 2
Frame Weight 492 lb
Pallet Fork Width 48 in
Length 48 in

Key Features

Strength and Longevity Bobcat pallet forks meet ISO 2330:2002 standards for yield and fatigue tests. In addition, the frame is thoroughly tested for strength and longevity. Watch the pallet fork strength video to see how other brands compare.
Standard and Heavy-Duty Teeth Standard and heavy-duty teeth are available from 30 inches to 48 inches.
Redesigned Lower Frame Height The redesigned lower frame allows for maximum opening of the cab door.
Walk-Through Design The walk-through design makes it easy to enter and exit the machine through the center of the frame.
Entry/Exit Step The platform step makes entry and exit safer.
Visibility Operators get excellent visibility at ground and truck-bed heights.
One Model with Hydraulically Adjustable Forks While on the job, adjust positioning of the forks from the operator seat, delivering maximum comfort and efficiency.

Pallet Fork – Floating Pin Carriage, 48″

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