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Mower – 72″

Mow the roughest terrain into a clean-cut landscape with the mower attachment. Front-mount mower is powered by a direct-drive hydraulic motor. Three overlapping blades eliminate skips for clean cutting action, discharging cut materials to the rear. Unique frame design allows the mower to oscillate independently to follow uneven terrain and deliver a close, clean cut. Ideal for golf courses, landscape contractors, nurseries, hobby farms, municipalities, and large-lot rural homeowners.

Compatible With:


Utility Work Machines

Key Specifications

Operating Weight 880 lb
Length 68 in
Width 76 in
Height 22 in
Cutting Height Range 2" to 5.5" adjustable in 1/2" increments
Number of Blades 3
Cutting Width 71.5 in
Flow Range 15-22 GPM
Shut-off Travel 8.5 in
Tip Speed @ 22 gpm 16,502 ft/min

Key Features

Rear Discharge (Standard) The rear discharge disperses grass clippings under the carrier and away from buildings, trees and fences.
Mulching and Side-Discharge Kits Mulching and side-discharge kits are available to easily convert the mower attachment to fit the application.
Anti-Scalping Wheel The anti-scalping wheel protects the mower blades from damage by touching the ground first when mowing over uneven terrain. Also, it prevents the mower deck from scraping the ground, resulting in longer blade life and consistent cutting height.
Castor Wheels Combined with the attachment frame, the castor wheels allow the mower to oscillate independently of the loader, providing a floating deck to better follow uneven terrain. Also, can be adjusted for different cutting heights, ranging from 2 inches to 5.5 inches.
Cutting Blades Designed for mowing efficiency, the mower attachment features three overlapping cutting blades that eliminate skips for even cutting action.
Deck Bracing The deck bracing improves air and material flow.
Belt-Driven For increased uptime protection, the hydraulic motor powers a single V-belt, eliminating shear pins and related downtime.
Front Mount The mower attachment mounts to the front of the carrier for maximum working area visibility.
Safety Shut-Off The safety shut-off is incorporated into the attachment frame. If the mower exceeds 8.5 inches of vertical travel, the safety shut-off turns the blade rotation off.
Blade Mounting Dual mounting bolts make blade replacement easy.

Mower – 72″

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