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Grapple – Industrial Bucket, 74″

Built for maximum power and reliability. Delivers easy handling of bulky, hard-to-manage materials in the industrial or construction setting. The two-arm design on larger industrial grapples provides a strong, even biting force. Choose from a bucket or fork bottom for maximum load capability. Built for day-in, day-out duty to bite off the toughest jobs.

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 960 lb
Length 41.1 in
Width 74 in
Height 30.2 in
Grapple Width 74 in
Number of Grapple Tines 2
Open Height 42.5 in
Closed Height 30.2 in
Closed Length 41.1 in

Key Features

Dual Cylinders (Large Grapples Only) Built with tough, dual cylinders, Bobcat grapples provide the highest clamping forces in the industry. Bobcat industrial grapples offer the force to handle stubborn materials and work faster.
Removable Hose Guide The guide routes hoses when the grapple is attached, reducing exposure to snags and other hazards. Watch the design and quality video to see all of the Bobcat strengths.
Replaceable Cutting Edge (Bucket Grapples) The replaceable cutting edge is standard equipment for bucket protection.
Replaceable Tapered Fork (Fork Grapples) The forks allow for picking up larger materials while leaving valuable dirt behind. Additional forks can be added to narrow the space between fork tines.
Reinforced Tines The tines are backed by more steel and greater reinforcement. Watch the design and quality video to see the difference.
Open Grapple Design The open grapple design provides superior visibility to the work area. Compare the design of other brands by watching the visibility challenge video.
Greaseable Pivot Points The greaseable pivot points provide long life for pins and bushings.
Inertia-Welded Cylinder Ends As a Bobcat exclusive design, the inertia-welded cylinder ends deliver strong, smooth operation by improving hydraulic cushioning at the end of the stroke.

Grapple – Industrial Bucket, 74″

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