Top 10 Attachments for Your DIY Landscaping Projects

Whether you own a country farmhouse or a home in the suburbs, you probably have a wish list of landscaping projects to transform the look of your property. While some jobs you can easily handle on your own, other projects may seem too big to tackle with a shovel or rake. But with the right tools, landscaping supplies and equipment, you can turn “do it for me” jobs into “do it yourself” projects. Finding the right lawn solution starts with using machine attachments. There are dozens of highly specialized attachments that work with compact machines like Bobcat® mini track loaders, compact track loaders, small articulated loaders or compact tractors. Simply rent the high-quality tools you need to take on a variety of tasks – such as digging post holes, moving dirt and trenching for irrigation t

o save time and effort – and get the satisfaction of doing the work yourself. Here are just a few of the versatile, powerful attachments you can use to improve your outdoor space and save on backbreaking labor:

1. Bucket Attachment

Big projects like building retaining walls or creating landscaping berms can require serious muscle power and weeks of labor. If your landscaping project requires heavy lifting or light-duty grading and leveling, bucket attachments are a great option. Buckets are ideal when it comes to digging into and moving large piles of dirt or heavy landscaping rock, or for transporting larger materials like stone and concrete pavers. With multiple configurations on the market, including combination buckets, dirt buckets, heavy-duty buckets and utility buckets, you can find one designed to help you finish the most challenging projects on your list.

Bobcat Compact Locader Bucket Attachment


2. Pallet Fork Attachment

Transforming the outside of your home often requires hauling landscaping materials around the property. A pallet fork attachment is designed to put what you need where you need it. This familiar attachment is the ideal landscaping tool for lifting and transporting bulky, bagged or palletized material quickly and easily. So go ahead. Make plans to sod the backyard, lay pavers to create a garden path, create new garden beds and haul in bags of potting soil or specialty mulch. A pallet fork attachment can do your heavy lifting.

Bobcat Compact Loader Pallet Fork Attachment


3. Auger Attachment

Planting small trees and shrubs throughout your property or installing a new fence or pergola can transform your property’s curb appeal – but can also require days of backbreaking work with a shovel. An auger attachment has the power to quickly, efficiently and accurately dig holes for trees or footings for decks, fences or sheds in all types of soil. So you spend less time and effort digging by hand, and more time enjoying the result of your handiwork.

Bobcat Loader Auger Attachment


4. HD Box Blade Attachment

Bumpy or uneven landscaping is more than just an eyesore. Not only can it lead to falls or injuries, it makes even the simplest task, like mowing, a challenge. Box blades are designed to create a perfectly level landscape by helping you grade, level or backfill your lawn, driveway or garden. Box blades are known for being versatile and easy to use, so you can spend more time enjoying the yard of your dreams. HD box blades are even more efficient, because they move materials either forward or reverse.

Bobcat HD Box Blade Attachment


5. Trencher Attachment

You’ve put a lot of work into your landscaping, and perhaps you’re considering adding dramatic lighting to a corner of the property to show it off or installing an irrigation or sprinkler system to keep it looking beautiful. A trencher attachment is the perfect tool to help you tackle this work yourself. Designed with the power and strength to dig in even the toughest rocky soil types, trenchers help you get the project done without spending your entire summer working on it.

Bobcat Trencher Attachement


6. Grapple Attachment

Grapple attachments come in different configurations and are a great solution for managing your toughest landscaping work. For example, a root grapple is designed with maximum chomping and ripping power for tearing out tree roots, overgrown landscaping and brush. An industrial grapple is a good choice for grabbing hard-to-manage materials including broken-up concrete and rebar, landscape timbers or lumber from old decking and docks.

Bobcat Grapple Attachment


7. Stump Grinder Attachment

Tired of looking at or mowing around unattractive tree stumps on your property? The stump grinder attachment easily turns tree stumps into mulch that you can use in other areas of your property. It mounts directly to the front of a loader, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas and position exactly where grinding is needed.

Bobcat Stump Grinder Attachment


8. Soil Conditioner Attachment

Wish you could start over with your lawn and create a lush landscape for your property, but dread the backbreaking work of digging up and raking it by hand? A soil conditioner is a versatile, cost-effective attachment that pulverizes soil in fewer passes while leveling and filling. A soil conditioner is a lawn care solution that quickly and easily prepares your yard for seeding or sodding, bringing you one step closer to the perfect lawn.

Bobcat Soil Conditioner Attachment


9. Grader Attachment

If water is draining towards your home’s foundation, you have a problem on your hands. Drainage issues can lead to flooded basements and other troublesome complications. But with the help of a grader attachment, you can divert water or runoff away from your home. Just be sure you locate utilities before starting your grading work.

Bobcat Grader Attachment

10. BrushcatTM Rotary Cutter Attachment

Tired of wild, unruly brush along ditches, roads and back areas of your acreage? Rotary cutters, including the BrushcatTM  rotary cutter, easily mulch small branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter and cut through thick grass and brush. You can clean up the rugged areas of your landscaping without breaking a sweat.

Are you looking for DIY landscaping solutions to help you transform your property? Check out our full attachment lineup or contact your local Bobcat dealer for more information on the best landscaping supplies to help you tackle your wish list.

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